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I’m fascinated by vintage textiles - quilts, tapestries, etc - they tell a story of a time and a place and they fact that someone made them. This is an interesting tidbit from Frederick Magazine about a weaver and his son in Fredrick, Maryland. (via Covering the Basics | Frederick Magazine)

5 Urban Planning Projects That Will Change The Bronx - are you interested in bringing any of these to your city?

Spielbound Board Game Café ›

Check out this Kickstarter for @Spielbound -  a Board Game Cafe in Omaha!

Spielbound is building better community, education, & health through board games. Help make our board game café a reality!

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Spielbound Board Game Café ›

Check out this Kickstarter for @Spielbound -  a Board Game Cafe in Omaha!

NYC then and now 


Photographers Who Documented Gentrifying Landscape of New York City Revisit Same Locations Ten Years Later

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Artist Creating Miniature Version Of Silver Lake’s Music Box Steps ›

Cheap Beer Map of the United States - an interesting map of the US via @Neatorama

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(via Early One Morning, A Giant Globe Made of Thousands of Hand Painted Matchsticks)

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impressive camera coffee shop in South Korea via @photojojo


If you’ve ever wanted to sip a latte inside of a camera, your bizarre dream is now a reality. 

The Dreaming Camera Cafe outside of Seoul, South Korea doubles as a coffee shop and camera museum. What’s not to love?

This Massive Rolleiflex Camera Doubles as a Coffee Shop

via Colossal

Survey of nearly a thousand web pages looks at interactive features for news ›

Interesting post from Nieman Journalism Lab - on what interactive features are found on news websites. http://ift.tt/1cXx2VE

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